How can I find the yield or serving difference between a layer cake made using 2-9" round cake pans and 1-9" by 13" pan?

Trying to get some answers to a ? I asked earlier with no success. Figured I would simplify and ask a series of questions to get answers I need regarding finding out how I should increase recipe to accommodate different sized pans.

Christine Vichi


BerryBaby June 26, 2018
There is Conversion chart that will help you at:
and, yes, your recipe would work in a 9 x 13 pan.
hardlikearmour June 26, 2018
A 9 by 13 pan has about the same area as 2 9-inch round pans. (117 vs. ~128 square inches. So if you don't alter the recipe, the single layer in the sheet pan will be a little taller than a single layer in the round. The amount of leavener may not be perfect (based on Rose Levy Beranbaum's charts for butter cakes in the Cake Bible), but it will most likely be close enough to work.
Nancy June 26, 2018
HLA...yes BUT note the OP bought a 4 in high version of the 9x13 pan, which is about double the original volume of 2 round 9 in pans 2 in high.
I would not bake all of a double recipe one time in the deep rectangular pan for difficulties getting such a deep batter baked evenly.
Rather, if you want to double the Bobby Flay recipe, bake it twice as a single low layer in the rectangular pan, then frost them together for presentation.
Nancy June 26, 2018
PS the details about the rectangular pan are in a similar question posted by Christine Vichi here...
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