I’d like to make a smaller cobbler using an 8” round cake pan. How do I adjust the amounts of ingredients?

  • Posted by: Marcia
  • June 27, 2018
Emile Henry Peach Cobbler
Recipe question for: Emile Henry Peach Cobbler


Smaug June 27, 2018
Very unusual for a baking recipe, this really doesn't specify the pan. Furthermore, the food 52 version suggests a 3.5 qt. pan, while the original, for twice the amount, calls for a 4.2 qt. pan- apparently a specific one. I would check the instructions on the cake mix to see what size pan they recommend for a box of mix, which should give you something to get hold of- you'll have to cut it (at a guess, 20%) to leave room for the peaches.
Nancy June 27, 2018
Smaug....fair point. One recipe for a quick single box cake asks for lasagna pan (9 x 13) which also has 14c capacity.
So maybe 6c round pan still OK for half that.
Smaug June 27, 2018
Or one might go back to the original and try to find out what the specified pan (an Emile Henry brand product) looks like. All in all, if this were a recipe writing class I think this one would get sent back for a rewrite. The shape of the pan will not only affect the baking characteristics, it will also influence the hydration of the cake mix- as will the moisture content and ripeness of the peaches. I guess you're not supposed to say this, but if I were to be honest I'd suggest looking for another cobbler recipe- they're all pretty easy, and this one is pretty uncertain as well as using highly processed ingredients.
Nancy June 27, 2018
Get a chart of baking pan sizes which also show volumes.
(Or use your high school geometry formula to figure cubic inches, then convert them to a liquid measure like cups.)
Compare cups-volume of pan you want to use to original.
Use result (for ex, one half or one third) to adjust recipe. Use common sense - if there are 3 eggs in original, it's much easier to usd a pan than permits using whole eggs.
In this case, 8 in pan if 2 in tall can hold about 6 cups. Original pan was about 14 cups.
Make half recipe and if that's a little too much batter, bake extra in a coffee mug or cocotte.
Marcia June 27, 2018
Ok, so if I half the original recipe, how does that affect the # of eggs? I can't imagine that I can half 3 eggs to 1.5 eggs.
Nancy June 27, 2018
In this cobbler recipe, there are no eggs, so no problem.
When I DO have a recipe with i need to cut in half where original has 3 eggs, I use 1 whole & 1 white, as the white helps more with the rise (but if you want richness, use 1 whole & 1 yolk).
Smaug June 27, 2018
Or use smaller eggs than specified, if they are specified.
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