has anyone tried a charentais melon?

i have been lucky enough to see these the last two weekends at the farmers market. pricey little melons with very delicate rind without netting, light orange flesh, highly floral aroma and sweet musk melon taste. juicy, light and just delicious.

  • Posted by: scruz
  • July 14, 2018


ChefJune July 26, 2018
In France they are the sweetest things this side of heaven!. The ones I have had in US - grown here - have been a mixed bag. In general, these melons are very sweet, but I think it must vary depending upon the soil they are grown in, and the climate.
702551 July 15, 2018
Charentais melons have been my go to for years. Quite easy to find in SF Bay Area farmers markets.

There are a lot of cultivars from other places that aren’t commonly grown here in the USA for a variety of reasons.

702551 July 25, 2018
One local grower is Happy Boy Farms. They have been selling Charentais melons for years at many SF Bay Area farmers markets.
scruz July 26, 2018
i think it was from happy boy farms. i throw a lot of money at them and route 1 farms. very nice produce.
scruz July 15, 2018
yes, in researching this melon, i read that europe and france have many melons that we can't find. the reason being is their perishability and that is why we have the tougher skinned and netted canteloupes, which are still pretty darn good.
Nancy July 16, 2018
Good point.
Another good-tasting variety that's occasionally around is Galia, a hybrid of cantaloupe and honeydew.
Natasha July 15, 2018
Yes, in France. They are delicious. The Cavaillon melon, which can be found in Provence, is also wonderful - typically a small melon, very sweet orange flesh, often served as a starter in Provence in the summer before the main meal.
Erin A. July 15, 2018
Yes! One of our amazing local farmers grows it. It is one of the sweetest, most delicate melons I’ve ever had.
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