homemade yogurt smells like eggs

My homemade coconut milk yogurt smells like eggs. Does that mean it's gone bad? It still tastes fine. I hate to eat too much of it though, but I know it ferments... Please add your 2 cents. I used this method: https://www.allergyfreealaska.com/easy-instant-pot-coconut-milk-yogurt/

Cel Wise


eddie2277 August 20, 2019
Hi! good morning cel wise. I made mine the day before last and it smelled ok till i put it in the fridge. as i open it had that funky smell, my daughter asked me if i had passed gass. i ate it this morning when i got to work. it tasted like sour cream but it was very good. i put fruits and honey and ill get back to you tomorrow and let you know if anything happened. this was my breakfast this morning. I copied the recipe from earthyandy. i used the probiotic pills i purchased with 50 billion live cultures. Im not giving up. Im making more. I love yogurt but i refuse to eat more chemicals in my food. i purchased the coconut milk in the can from the health store. so far my stomach is fine. keep trying. here is earthyandy recipee: http://www.earthyandy.com/plant-based-snack-recipes/coconut-vanilla-bean-yogurt
take care and dont give up!
Missionary W. September 7, 2023
Did you have any side affects from the yogurt? I just made my first batch and it smelled awful but tastes fine. I ate a bowl at breakfast. Then I made a smoothie for lunch and currently drinking it. I was wondering if I left it out to long before putting in the fridge. It said to leave for 12 hours. Mine was probably 16 hours . I know dairy yogurt they usually say 12-24 hours.
Ttrockwood July 25, 2018
No good.
I would toss it and start a new batch.
HalfPint July 24, 2018
I wouldn't eat it. Sounds like the coconut milk has gone rancid.
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