skin on pudding

Weird question...One family member likes the skin that forms on the top of homemade chocolate pudding. One family member does not. Currently, I use waxed paper to prevent the skin. Is there something else that would be reusable and washable? I was thinking a silicone baking mat, but that is pretty thick and wouldn't mold in the serving container.

  • Posted by: Juliann
  • July 27, 2018


Smaug July 27, 2018
They do make silicone mats in some different shapes and sizes- for cake pans and such. Or you could cut a sheet of thick polyethylene, such as from a freezer bag- it would be a bit of a nuisance to clean, dry and store but could be made to last a long time- I've had the same ones for my tortilla press for years.
Juliann July 28, 2018
Yes, cutting up a plastic freezer bag is the answer! I knew the answer was right in front of my nose.
Smaug July 28, 2018
Would that they were all so simple.
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