Bluefish Sous Vide

How would I cook Bluefish sous vide? Would it be similar to halibut in terms of cook times and temperatures?

Noam Ross


HalfPint August 22, 2018
If I remember correctly, bluefish is more like tuna. I've that it's also like swordfish or striped bass.
702551 August 22, 2018
You are confusing bluefin tuna with bluefish. The two are very different.

Bluefish is Pomatomus saltatrix and lives in temperate and subtropical waters.

Bluefish max out around 50 lbs. whereas bluefin tuna can range to close to 1000 pounds. Bluefish is an Atlantic fish, bluefin tuna (T. orientalis) is a Pacific Ocean catch.

From a culinary standpoint, bluefish is a relatively inexpensive fish. Bluefin tuna is quite the opposite and often commands some of the highest prices at the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo.

There is no significant population of bluefish in the Pacific Ocean so I will basically terminate my participation in this conversation from this point because I am not intimately familiar with this species.
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