Website keeps logging me off.

Hi. I noticed that when I visit Food52 now, the website redirects to a different place every time,, etc. This means I continually get logged out. I imagine you're just trying to handle the increased traffic to the website (which is great). Is there a way to do this where we don't have to continually log in?

Blissful Baker


Lizthechef March 8, 2011
POOR PETER! Who is buying him a drink when this is "resolved"? X0 Lizthechef
latoscana March 8, 2011
I was just combing through Firefox support to figure out why I was getting logged off, too!
Peter March 8, 2011
Yep. That RSS feed problem was fixed mid-day yesterday... though I have to say, if a few recipes were gonna go out multiple times, those were pretty good ones. ;-)

And don't thank me, I'm just the messenger. It's our engineers Kfir and Jon that are doing the heavy lifting. You don't even want to know how hard they worked this weekend.
Burnt O. March 8, 2011
I suspect this is also why my RSS feed was flooded with multiple duplicate posts from food52 yesterday morning. I had the recipes for Amanda's butternut squash puree and the bacon leek pizza burned into my brain by noon. Had no idea what was going on, but it seems to be fixed today. Thanks for all your hard work at food52 Peter!
Peter March 8, 2011
Thank you BB, and you're not spoiled at all.

The way you have to keep logging in is far from ideal but we decided you'd all politely suffer through it for a few days in exchange for 1) a chance to have your recipe cooked on Martha's show, and 2) the opportunity for us to welcome hundreds of new talented cooks from Martha's community to ours.

In general, we're trying a lot harder lately to make the site speedier (which it certainly is today thanks to all the new servers), easier to use (have you noticed the "My Recipes" link in the upper right corner, more informative (this past Saturday's Feed52) and more exciting (Martha. Need I say more? ;-)
Blissful B. March 8, 2011
Peter, you rock! We are spoiled little Food52 members, aren't we?
Peter March 8, 2011
Antonia, I expect that you stumbled into a messy little wormhole caused by Facebook Connect. I'm guessing that you're logged into Facebook, and that your Facebook account is connected to your Food52 account, and therefore... even though the site doesn't show you as logged in (because we have yet to update that text in the upper right corner to reflect whether Facebook is logging you in) you are indeed logged in.

Fun stuff, huh?
Peter March 8, 2011
BlissfulBaker, sorry if we're disturbing your state of... well, bliss. Indeed, we had to make some all-weekend, last minute changes to the way things work to survive the traffic we expected from Martha Stewart talking to her legions of fans about our special contest this week.

(Yikes! You don't know what I'm referring to? It's all right here: )

Anyway, yes, with each return to the site you run the risk of landing on a different server and not being logged in. Rest assured, we hate this far more than you do as we spend ALL day on the site. And rest doubly-assured that by tomorrow everything should be back to normal. And rest triply-assured that the next time we have to handle a large amount of traffic, we'll do a better job of it so as not to make life harder on all of you. :-)
AntoniaJames March 8, 2011
It seems that even if it says you're logged out, you can still post comments, which will be attributed to you . . . . or at least that was the case with me earlier today. See if it works for you. ;o)
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