Where can one find beef fat?

We have a woman from Argentina visiting and she wants to make the style of empanadas that are eaten in Tucuman in the north of Argentina. She is looking for beef fat to make the dough which is what she is accustomed to use. She tried using lard and while they were good they were not what she is looking for. I appreciate any advice.

C Sangueza


Smaug September 2, 2018
My local Safeway recently added a few relatively exotic fats, including beef, in jars; they're pretty expensive and I don't remember the brand name, but at least there's a possibility of coming up with something at the supermarket.
702551 September 2, 2018
I would try a well-appointed butcher shop or a Mexican market. We have a few of the former in my area, tons of the latter (I can walk to one in five minutes).

Don't know if either type are readily accessible where you live.

Any grocery store that has a staffed butcher counter should be able to special order it for you and get it in a few days. They just need to call up their wholesaler and add the item to their next delivery.

Best of luck.
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