I’m making potatoe salad and I used a little too much vinegar is there anyway to cut that taste!

  • Posted by: Debbie
  • September 2, 2018


cranberry September 4, 2018
I'd add mayo as well, even if the original plan was no mayo. Or is there a sweeter juice that would match the other flavors, like orange juice - might be good if it's an olive-y, caper-y type of potato salad. A splash might help - you could try it on a small portion to see. That or add more potatoes, if I really wanted to keep to the original recipe.
scruz September 2, 2018
i would dice and boil up some more potatoes and mix them in. it will dilute the taste.
Pegeen September 2, 2018
I forgot to add... you could also use some sweet pickle relish including a little of the juice, to offset the vinegar.
Pegeen September 2, 2018
A little mayo would even out the vinegar "bite." You might want to mix a pinch of sugar (not too much!) or a drizzle of honey into the mayo - but do it with a light touch.
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