I started cooking cauliflower soup last night in a slow cooker, I had to stop cooking it, started cooking again this morning, is that alright to do or

Started cooking cauliflower soup in slow cooker, had to stop cooking as it got to late, started slow cooker this morning to finish, will doing this cause the soup to be spoiled & harmful to eat?

Bob Lang
  • Posted by: Bob Lang
  • September 4, 2018


BerryBaby September 6, 2018
No, I'd toss it. Sitting at room temperature overnight is never giod
boulangere September 6, 2018
I agree. The temperature danger zone is called the temperature danger zone for a good reason.
Lori T. September 4, 2018
Technically, since the soup essentially sat at room temperature for several hours, it would not be considered safe to eat. If your particular recipe did not involve any dairy products like butter or milk, then you might be able to skirt the edge this time. However, if it did, then you might consider your risks for food poisoning. You might also consider who will be eating the soup, and if it is for young children or an elderly adult, I'd suggest erring on the side of caution and tossing it. I'm wondering why you stopped cooking it in the crockpot? Most recipes for cauliflower soup require it to cook 6-8 hours on low temperature, and most slow cooker recipes will tolerate another hour or two of cooking without major problems. You could have safely left it on to cook while you slept.
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