I almost always have a hard time melting chocolate to use for dipping or pouring. It typically gets way too thick to use as a recipe states. I usu...

...ally use a microwave and watch so it doesn't burn. It happened again for this recipe. Any suggestions

Marcia Buratti
Chocolatey Tahini Cups
Recipe question for: Chocolatey Tahini Cups


Emma L. September 5, 2018
Hi Marcia! I usually use a microwave, too. What sometimes happens to me is the chocolate cools as I'm assembling. So, it'll be a good consistency for the first few candies, then too thick toward the end. What you can do in this case is rewarm (I do 10-second bursts) and re-stir (which helps evenly distribute the heat). Hope this helps!
702551 September 4, 2018
I suggest you stop using your microwave and switch to a different method.

My first choice would be a double boiler.

Anyhow, best of luck.
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