i have a question about a recipe I made yesterday. Carrot Zucchini Bead with Lemon Glaze by Merrill Stubbs.

i have made many quick breads from your site. This one was a lot of work, a lot of ingredients, and a lot of time. When it was done and cooled I cut into it and it was like a lava cake! The inside was liquid! I did everything the recipe said! I don't make mistakes! other than throw it away can you suggest what I might do differently if I try it again? My husband loves it despite the disaster!!!

Erica Wimberley
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1 Comment

Ttrockwood September 19, 2018
Just sounds like it didn’t bake all the way through. Be sure to use a skewer to poke the middle and check before taking from the oven, baking times can vary a bit from one oven to another.
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