My recipe calls for 4 eggs (Banana bread) but I only have 2. What can I substitute?

I have flax seeds???

  • Posted by: Lori
  • September 25, 2018


Nancy September 26, 2018
Don't know your timing or your pantry, but two more possibilities:
* soft tofu (2 oz/quarter cup for each egg) buzzed up with the liquids in blender, processor or mixer.
* aqua faba (liquid from canned chick peas). See link for more details
Shannon T. September 26, 2018
Could you just halve the recipe?
BerryBaby September 26, 2018
What recipe are you using? most of my quick breads recipes use two eggs.
Midwestern L. September 25, 2018
I always use the 2-1-2 substitute. 2T water, 1 t oil, and 2t baking powder. Otherwise, you could substitute 1 T ground flax with 3T water per egg.
Pegeen September 25, 2018
Another 1/2 mashed banana. I have also used applesauce in baking to sub for eggs, about 1/4 cup for 1 egg. If the applesauce is sweet, you may want to reduce the sugar in the recipe.
Pegeen September 25, 2018
That's 1/2 mashed banana = 1 egg
HalfPint September 25, 2018
Flax seed should work. Here's how to substitute:
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