Moving recipes from another collection

I want to move beef and chicken recipes out of Main Dish to their own collections

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1 Comment

Pegeen October 5, 2018
I should probably let the Food52 staff respond to this but I'm seriously procrastinating on some chores and it gave me a reason to reorganize my own collections! Hope I got this right:

1) Go to your Favorites & Collections: click on the little "head" icon, upper right of screen, and choose Favorites & Collections from the list
2) Click on Main Dishes
3) Find the recipe you want to move, click on the Saved button beneath its photo
4) In the pop-up window titled "Your Collections," un-check the box for Main Dishes and check the box for Chicken or Beef
5) You are done. I'm not sure but you may need to log out and back in again to see the changes. To log out, click the little "head" icon upper right corner of the screen, scroll to the bottom of the list to choose Log Out. Click on the head icon again to log back in.
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