These cookies are spreading into 3 mm thin discs. How do I fix this? I already chilled the dough overnight.

Lianna Lee
Turmeric Sugar Cookies
Recipe question for: Turmeric Sugar Cookies


Midwestern L. October 11, 2018
Based on what I know of cookie science I would suspect one of the bottom three factors in the culprit:

1) Too little flour
2) Too much butter
3) Your oven is running cold

All of these can contribute to cookies spreading in the oven to a thinker consistency then normal.

Hope that helps!
Emma L. October 10, 2018
Hi Lianna! Hm, that's puzzling. Any chance you flattened the cookie dough scoops before baking? If not, I wonder if the flour measurement ended up short somehow? Hope they're still tasty—even though thinner than intended.
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