Non Food issue: Is there a way that we could move the method steps up & down while editing recipes?

Its tricky to shift things around if you forget to include a step & have to include it later in the middle



Panfusine March 10, 2011
Yes please! that would be ideal.. I'll even drop my request for adding pods as a unit of measurement!!
Peter March 10, 2011
Wow, you guys are demanding! ;-)

Seriously though, thank you so much for bringing this up -- it's one we've never heard before here at Food52 HQ.

Am I correct that if each step had a little "drag up and down" icon like the ingredients do that it would suit your needs?
mrslarkin March 10, 2011
I agree, it's be real nice if that were possible. It can be a real drag sometimes to cut and paste, especially if you have to add a box to the very beginning of your instructions.
Panfusine March 10, 2011
That is what I've been doing,as well, but it would be great if the IT folks @ food52 would facilitate the 'skip up & down' feature!
hardlikearmour March 10, 2011
That's happened to me (more than once.) I just cut and paste to make it work.
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