I reduced a glaze for roasting cornish hens too much and it congealed. Can it be saved? The glaze was 1/2c orange marmalade + 2T orange juice.

  • Posted by: Tamara
  • November 10, 2018
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Nancy November 10, 2018
Sorry, probably not as intended for the poultry glaze.
Did something similar once in making a half recipe of marmalade or chutney. Sugar science meant it was beyond bringing back to spreadable. But kept it around for a few days as a snackable candy.
If you want to go ahead with the cornish hens recipe, make a new glaze or vary the recipe.
Tamara November 10, 2018
I figured there was no saving it since it's as thick as gummy bears and tastes like them too! I got the cornish hen recipe from thecozyapron.com (by Ingrid Beer) so I'll just make the glaze again tomorrow but go by less time than she suggested. My hens are marinating overnight and I thought I'd get the glaze and other prep work done early. Thank you for answering, I appreciate it!
Nancy November 10, 2018
Tamara, glad to be of help.
I read the recipe and it doesn't call for cooking the marmalade & juice before spreading on the hens.
Just mix & spread.
The flavors will cook into the birds when they're in the oven.
Sounds delicious....
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