If I don’t have a Dutch oven to bake bread in, could I use a glass casserole dish instead?

  • Posted by: JessM13
  • November 6, 2020


Dave June 8, 2022
If you're baking 'No Knead Bread' I don't think that a glass container going to do it - can't stand the high heat. You could use any 'pot' to bake it in; preferably cast iron, enameled coating or not - any pot that's solid/heavy/covered. If you're baking regular loaves of bread (kneaded/rose and punched down) glass, tin, steel, aluminum or just form them into a nice loaf and place them on a baking sheet dusted with cornmeal so the bread won't stick. I've been taught no to put anything in the oven until it's come up to temperature. That the variations in temperature as the oven heat rises could damage the cooking/baking vessel - hey, that's what I was taught. The loaves in the photo were hand shaped, placed on a baking sheet and...... baked.
Kaiju June 5, 2022
Could I use a lidded enamel roasting tin?
HalfPint November 6, 2020
It's risky for the no knead bread technique of dropping the dough into a very hot baking vessel. With glass, the chance of shattering or explosion is high, given the high oven temp (400F+). However, you can put the dough into unheated bakeware and start the baking in a cold oven. I have done this and it works well, for the most part. I think the crust is better when you drop the dough into a hot cast iron. This way, you don't have to worry about shattering/explosion due to thermal shock (an abrupt change in temperature).
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