Hiw can rhis be made ahead? Will the dough get soggy if left uncooked in fridge the night before?

Double Crust Veggie Pot Pie
Recipe question for: Double Crust Veggie Pot Pie


Nancy November 15, 2018
Two more ideas:
Prepare and bake about 80% of time the night before, hold in fridge, warm & finish baking the night you serve.
Prepare and leave all uncooked overnight in the fridge - just omit the bottom crust and make it a deep dish pie with a single top crust. Bake completely the night you intend to serve.
Smaug November 15, 2018
The dough would be fine in the refrigerator unfilled, and the filling could be made in advance; I'd bring it (the filling) to room temp before filling the pie. You could roll out the bottom crust in advance, but it's easy to damage that way by bumping it.
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