Is it a good idea to bake stuffing outside of the bird the day before thanksgiving and then refrigerate and reheat the day of while the turkey rests?

Thanksgiving stuffing.

  • Posted by: jkurtley
  • November 17, 2018


creamtea November 17, 2018
I have made it the day before and served on Thanksgiving. Anything you can do in advance to make the actual day's cooking and serving is a plus, and stuffing is one of those things. Alternatively, if oven space is not an issue, you can assemble it in its pan ahead of time and finish it on Thanksgiving (pouring the stock over just before cooking). I have done both.
702551 November 17, 2018
That sounds like a reasonable course of action.

If you have Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant the majority of the items on your plate were likely partly or fully made several days in advance.

Stuffing is not so sensitive to cooking times and can be successfully reheated with relatively little degradation in quality.
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