Can you cook a turkey in countertop roaster oven?

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Stacy I. November 19, 2018
I tried that last year and it was a hit! Hooray for lots of oven space!
I cooked a 20 lb bird in an oster roaster. It cooked MUCH faster than anticipated, and you wont get the crisp skin.. but a quick transfer to the oven to finish will crisp/brown up your bird nicely
Lori T. November 18, 2018
Yes, you certainly can. Providing your bird will fit inside, on the rack, that is. I lived overseas for many years, using one each holiday season because I had only a small oven and turkeys over 10-11 pounds would not fit inside. It also helped out with baking and reheating some of the side dishes, while the bird rested. Check your manual, or the online site of the maker for more guidance. And have a Happy Turkey Day.
702551 November 17, 2018
Your best course of action would be to consult the owner’s manual for your specific device.

That said, it would have to be a pretty small turkey in a pretty large appliance.

A sensible approach would be to do a test run.

Best of luck.
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