Can I cook my Turkey on the bbq

Can I cook from frozen prestige’s Turkey on the bbq ? My oven is out of commission !



Nancy October 8, 2021
Osbornelisa - Canadians Thanksgiving? Start thawing today. If you have covered BBQ make stuffing day before, then reheat to serve. or a fried bread or rice dish.
Nancy October 8, 2021
Should have said from the start, agree with HalfPint on turkey method.
HalfPint October 8, 2021
Yes, you can cook a turkey on the bbq. But it needs to be thawed first and it should not be stuffed. I would recommend spatchcocking the turkey, so that it will cook evenly and the breast will not dry out before the legs are cooked.

Do not directly cook frozen poultry because the interior will still be raw & frozen and the exterior is overcooked or burnt.

Good luck! Let us know how it turns out.
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