Brining my turkey. How much extra salt will the meat take on?

Of course I will rinse it after the brine. Just wondering whether, adding seasoning, including salt, before roasting will result in a too salty final product.

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MMH November 18, 2018
It’s important to understand that brining is actually the process of osmosis. The salt draws the water across the membraine resulting in a far more juicy bird. The saltiness is negligible.
Hana A. November 18, 2018
Hi kwolffman - I would say there's no need to salt the turkey further, post-brine rinse. In fact, in my experience, I've had more problems trying to offset the saltiness as a result of the brine. In that case, I'd go easy on the seasoning of accompanying gravy and sides. Here are some more brining tips:

Good luck and happy Thanksgiving!
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