how much salt (adobo) do u use to season an 24 pound turkey the will air dry in refrigerator

HELP!i am making my mom's turkey first time- how much adobo salt do you use to season a 24 pound turkey that will sit in refrigerator? i use a separate stock, no salt added, to bast turkey. big question- what happens if turkey is to salty? any remedies???

nancy adler
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1 Comment

Lindsay-Jean H. November 21, 2017
Hi Nancy - my family makes the Judy Bird ( every year, which calls for 1 tablespoon of salt—we use Diamond Crystal kosher—for every 5 pounds the turkey weighs (so you could use a scant 5 tablespoons), we've done that for up to 3 days in advance and the turkey has never been too salty!
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