Aee results just as good with precooked bacon?

  • Posted by: JeanTred
  • November 18, 2018


BerryBaby November 19, 2018
If you save bacon grease, use it with the Brussels sprouts.
Maggie S. November 18, 2018
Hello Jean! Since the sprouts and bacon brown simultaneously, there's more of a chance for the veggies to become infused with all that bacon-y goodness if it's uncooked—if you opt to go with precooked bacon, I'd recommend adding a little more oil to the sprouts during the cook time and then tossing in the bacon while everything's still warm, otherwise it'll likely become overly crisped. Hope that helps and have a lovely Thanksgiving!
EmilyC November 18, 2018
I totally agree with Maggie! (Thanks Maggie!) Hope you enjoy these, Jean!
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