can you add vanilla extract to finished chocolate chip cookie dough?

I ran out of vanilla extract and put the dough in the refrigerator until I can go to the store to get more vanilla extract. The dough is complete, but I feel it needs vanilla extract. Can I add it after the fact?

  • Posted by: Cory
  • November 30, 2018


creamtea November 30, 2018
I would leave it out. Also, leaving it in the fridge over a night or two, if your schedule allows, will improve and deepen the flavor (the New York Times ran an article about this a couple of years ago). You may find you do not miss the vanilla this time.
Smaug November 30, 2018
I don't think you could mix it in without overworking the dough- probably better to let it go. As a desperate measure, you could make a glaze with powdered sugar and vanilla (and maybe a little water), but I wouldn't.
Smaug November 30, 2018
Latest minor glitch on the F52 webswite- questions on the home page are listed as 0 replies, however many they may have-thus the redundant answer.
BerryBaby November 30, 2018
I've left out vanilla in cookies and barely noticed the difference in flavor.
Nancy's response is the one I'd follow. BB🎄
Nancy November 30, 2018
Yes you could add the vanilla but I'm worried about dispersal in the dough.
If your recipe calls for 1 tsp, maybe divide the dough in 4, add and work in 1/4 tsp to each portion. Then chill or let sit, shape cookies & bake.
Or put it in an icing & add that to finished cookies. Not traditional but probably tasty.
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