Ideas for a Corned Beef Dinner dessert?

Doing a lunch for 30 seniors Friday (they will eat anything. and love interesting things.) I made Chocolate Stout Cake (from Suzanne Goin) last year. It is a good, interesting spiced choco cake. Needs whipped cream or ice cream. Thinking of doing a black bottom cupcake instead as I have some cc on hand. Worried about a good result. Even Joy of Baking uses a 'wacky cake'

I'm wondering if I can use my GREAT recipe for super moist choco cake instead.

Also in to other ideas that are inexpensive for a crowd.



lapadia March 16, 2011
usuba D. March 14, 2011
Steamed raspberry puddin' with double cream poured on top. You will think you died and went to heaven!
nutcakes March 14, 2011
Thanks, but I guess I'll stick to my plan. Maybe I need to listen to my instinct a bit more. I don't care what day St. Pat's is, I only care what day I have to serve lunch! That is on Friday. Having a late lunch after a holiday or celebration day is often a bonus to pick up sale items. But I can't shop and serve the same day, so I already have my stuff mostly in the fridge or freezer.

I rarely purchase store bought anything because I have to keep the cost down extremely low, so I make everything from scratch cheaply. If I have to top a plain cake I make, I get one of those giant tubs of vanilla for $5, and that is once in a blue moon. No overt booze.

I like the stout cake, but I don't want to buy the stout, even, if I have extra cc on hand. So my real question was about the black bottom cupcakes being any good, but I guess I buried that in my flibergibbety rambling. I kind of remember them being rubbery before. I don't really need to try this hard. oh well. I'll read back all the suggestions later, if I have a smaller group.
betteirene March 13, 2011
Here's a cheater recipe for Irish Cream Cake:

You could also make Dorie Greenspan's Whiteout Cake:
Make these changes:
double the recipe and bake it in two 13"x9" pans;
substitute peppermint schnapps (gently warmed) for the hot water;
blend two tablespoons of schnapps into two warmed jars of Mrs. Richardson's or Hershey's hot fudge sauce;
instead of Dorie's icing (I hate messing with thermometers unless it's absolutely necessary), make a ton of stiffly-whipped cream, stabilize it with a bit of unflavored gelatin (softened), flavor it gently with a bit of schnapps, sweeten it with powdered sugar and color it a lovely mint green.
When the cakes have cooled, split each in half lengthwise; fill each with a jar of the hot fudge sauce and frost with a thick layer of whipped cream.

If you prefer, use creme de menthe instead of the schnapps.

lbcashmanRD March 13, 2011
a brioche/challah bread pudding can be taken in several directions and easy to make. I like mixing in canned peaches and a caramel drizzle...raspberry preserves and chocolate chips...lemon zest and white icing get the point.
mrslarkin March 13, 2011
How about vanilla Ice cream with a drizzle of Bailey's Irish Cream?

I'm either making my Chocolate Stout Cakes for St. Paddy's Day:

or my Chocolate Stout Pudding:

or maybe both!
Sam1148 March 13, 2011
Crushed oatmeal cookies for a topping for vanilla ice cream.
A sweet potato pie.
A mint chocolate cheese cake.
Lizthechef March 13, 2011
Um, St. Paddy's Day is Thursday, not Friday...For the 17th I recommend lemon or orange sorbet - store-bought is fine...
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