Question for candy makers

How do you keep crispy things crispy when making candy- bark, fudge, etc? My one and only attempt at fudge was a s'mores with graham cereal incorporated per the recipe. As soon as it was set the cereal was rubber. Id like to do some barks with pretzels, oreos etc but am paranoid about this happening again. Are these types of flavor combinations just unrealistic? (By the way I live in Florida= typically humid)

Jennifer W


Nancy December 10, 2018
Have successfully made choc bark with pretzels.
Normally serve & consume in a few days, stores at room temp in air tight container.
Sugar loves water (holds & absorbs)...make recipes with lower end if sugar range to help maintain firmness.
Also, the combo of marshmallows and Graham cereal faces lots if sugar gelatin & gluten to hold water.
Not great in your climate or maybe anywhere.
Nancy December 10, 2018
Pls excuse auto incorrect.
Marshmallows & Graham crackers have...
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