My scaled milk went to just boiling. Can I use it in my recipe?

  • Posted by: Jane
  • December 18, 2018


Lori T. December 18, 2018
You don't say what you were making that required scalded milk, but for the most part, it won't hurt anything to use what you have now. They say it can change the texture of yogurt, but honestly, I've gone to a boil with mine and the yogurt tasted just fine. It's also fine to use in baked goods, once it has cooled down. Just take care to make sure it didn't burn on the bottom of the pot, as that can give the milk a burnt taste if it is left in the pan to cool. Pour it off into another container, let it cool, and use it as it is. If it forms a skin as it cools, just remove that and use the rest of the milk.
Jane December 19, 2018
Thanks, that is exactly what I did and my cake came out great.
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