Making red wine vinegar

Anyone done it? I hear you can just add a few tablespoons of commercial red wine vingear to leftover red wine and it'll turn into vinegar after a few months. Has anyone tried this --success or failure?



dymnyno October 8, 2011
I made my own mother by leaving apple cider vinegar , covered with cheesecloth for a couple weeks, first it turned cloudy, then a mass started growing and that was the mother. I poured some leftover red wine (!) into a large jar and scooped the mother into the jar. I continued to feed the mother for about another month and voila...I had vinegar. Once you make your own , you will fall in love with the taste. Once you make your own mother you can give it away or start more jars of vinegar.
spuntino October 8, 2011
Sorry - I should have included this -- I know that you can buy mothers to make vinegar (or kombucha, etc), but I'm wondering specifically about this process (adding conventional red wine vinegar to leftover red wine). Does it work?
JessicaBakes October 8, 2011
Generally, you need what is called a mother to make vinegar. Some vinegars are sold with them, in which case you'll see something cloudy floating in the vinegar
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