Marsala as a sub for red wine in bolognese?

I'm making a simple Bolognese (half beef half pork) for dinner tonight but am out of red wine. I have enough left of a bottle of marsala- would this work as a substitute? I make the sauce with garlic, onion, carrot, crushed tomatoes, mushroom broth and a little lemon zest at the end. Oh, and a cheese rind melted in there too.

Reenee Gangopadhyay


caninechef December 30, 2016
I'd try dry vermouth if it was on hand.
sexyLAMBCHOPx December 29, 2016
I would skip the wine and use beef or chicken stock if I didn't have red wine.
irina December 29, 2016
I agree with Smaug. Use white. I would think the marsala has too strong a flavor profile. Also agree that Milk/Cream is traditional.
Smaug December 29, 2016
Many prefer white wine in a Bolognese anyway. Milk is generally included also.
HalfPint December 29, 2016
As long as the marsala is the dry type, I think it would work. I would taste the marsala first, to see if there are any flavor elements that might not complement the bolognese.
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