An upsettinger sea change

Did anyone see any personal attacks in Pegeen's thread? If discussions are being removed for expressing disappointment with company practices, I'm out.

  • Posted by: Smaug
  • December 20, 2018


Merrill S. December 21, 2018
We are serious about preserving real community discourse, and we're always happy to engage with feedback given in a respectful manner. Pegeen's original Hotline post included personal attacks against the two of us, which is why it was removed. We have also removed the comment from this thread containing explicit language. As we noted within the previous thread, we hear you. It was never our intention for anyone to feel slighted by this change, and we're truly sorry about this unintended consequence. We will certainly keep your comments in mind for the future, and we hope your holidays are restful, joyous, and of course delicious. - Amanda & Merrill
Smaug December 21, 2018
I'm pretty much an outsider in this controversy, but it seems that it should be clear to you that many of your oldest users had come to see the founders in the light of friends, or at least people they were dealing with on a human level,and are apt to feel betrayed by changes that exclude them. It's obvious to all that the site is undergoing major revisions in technical aspects, general orientation etc. and that the creative staff is in considerable flux. Perhaps some sort of mission statement is in order- if coherent progress is being made toward a specific goal, I think that users should be better informed. As far as this current situation, it was handled extremely poorly.
Pegeen December 21, 2018
I sincerely apologize if I offended anyone, but I fail to see how other than being extremey honest. Thank you everyone for expressions of support.

Truly, it's not what you did, it's how you did it. I am stymied that a business the size of Food52 (in other words, big enough to have good quality staff, service providers and business advisors) lacked the common sense of sending an email, or writing a short Feature, explaining that the honorifics would no longer be a part of the site going forward, and thanking one and all for the substantial contribution of time and commitment that they represented. We helped you build this site. A little tip of the hat would have been nice and so easy to do.

But enough. It's the holidays... there is much food to be cooked and recipes to be debated. I wish everyone good cheer.

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creamtea December 20, 2018
I missed the initial thread, but it looks like everyone who previously had the "trusted home cook" honorific lost that title. I guess the new editorial board would say it was our choice to participate in the early days, but still, there could be a good deal more grace exercised here.
creamtea December 21, 2018
At any rate, I note that Pegeen has one recipe, a contest winner, under her profile. I certainly hope she didn't delete her recipes. She is an important part of this community and a longtime participant. This community has a wonderful history and many participants who were extremely generous in contributing their time, sharing their recipes , testing others' recipes for contests, and their expertise--some from the very start of the site. I hope the current staff arrives at a place where they appreciate that, and soon.
BerryBaby December 20, 2018
I was wondering what happened to them and then realized it was a new format.
Personally, those individuals who had a little description after their name gave me more confidence that they were an experienced cook.
Food52 December 20, 2018
The comment you're referring to violated this section in our community guidelines:
"If a comment thread veers into hate speech, threats, harassment, abuse, or offensive personal statements, we reserve the right to remove any offensive comment—with or without a warning. We might read your comment out loud in a video montage too, Jimmy Kimmel-style, depending on how plucky we’re feeling that day. At that point, we also reserve the right to ban the users who have made those comments."
Smaug December 20, 2018
What comment am I referring to? For those that missed it, Pegeen expressed disappointment that she had apparently lost her "Trusted Home Cook" status and was leaving the site, I tried to dissuade her, Nancy and I exchanged some quotes. I then left for the store and to make some lemon curd- when I next checked my email there was a message that the thread was deleted because of "personal attacks". I am asking users- as Food52 apparently now has a computer program speaking for them- if any such attacks occurred that I might have missed.
Smaug December 20, 2018
By the by, I note that your community guidelines reserve the right to remove the purportedly offensive comment; it says nothing about removing the thread.
boulangere December 20, 2018
I didn't see Peegeen's thread, but lately I have noticed that questions having to do with shop orders and customer service are being taken down.
Smaug December 20, 2018
That was getting a little out of hand- hopefully they've established a more appropriate place to handle them.
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