Xmas dinner emergency

This morning I made a flavorful poaching liquid and poached 8 pieces of fresh salmon - I poached them for just over 6 minutes - they looked beautiful and I took them out put them in a tray and kept them in the refrigerator- I took them out to get to room temp and realized that two of the thickest pieces are underdone in the middle - can I replace them or would that ruin them?

  • Posted by: Bete
  • December 23, 2018


CL December 23, 2018
Yes. You def can re-poach. No problem.
boulangere December 23, 2018
You actually backed your way into a banquet chef's tried and true method of par-cooking something which is then finished off just before service. Go right ahead, and don't bother letting anyone know it wasn't your plan all along.
boulangere December 23, 2018
Reading back over my answer, it's clear to ME what I intended to say, but perhaps not entirely so to you. So, lacking an edit function here (which, ahem, we've been requesting for literally years), please let me add that you're not repoaching your lovely salmon, you are simply finishing them. As, clearly, you'd intended all along.
Bete December 23, 2018
I meant re-poach them
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