Creme anglaise isn’t listed as an ingredient for the strawberry mousse, but it is in the directions. Is this supposed to contain cremation anglai... If so, how much? If not, what are the correct directions

  • Posted by: JJ
  • December 31, 2018
Triple Layer Mousse
Recipe question for: Triple Layer Mousse


BakerRB January 5, 2019
I think step 18 is supposed to be stir the gelatin into the strawberry puree, not into a second portion of creme anglaise.
creamtea January 2, 2019
I suspect in step 18, that strawberry purée was the intended ingredient rather than crème anglaise but I do hope that author, the redoubtable Erin McDowell :) , will be able to answer personally.
Nancy January 2, 2019
Similar to carpenters' rule, to measure twice and cut once.
Read the recipe thoroughly, at least once, maybe twice...for ingredients, timing (on bread or fancy entrees, sometimes need to start day before serving), method,
Here (and in some other sites), also read the comments for ideas, success, problems other cooks have encountered.
In this recipe, there is a link in the introduction to a creme anglaise recipe.
JJ January 2, 2019
Well, please feel free to read the actual question twice. This pertains to the strawberry mousse specifically, which, unlike the vanilla mousse, does not list creme anglaise as an ingredient. If you have a useful answer to the question instead of a snarky one, I would appreciate hearing it.
Nancy January 2, 2019
You're right.
I was wrong.
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