What size loaf pan is this? I want to make this today and am not sure. Also, does it turn out better in a glass log pan?

  • Posted by: Lucinda
  • January 1, 2019
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Vegetarian loaf
Recipe question for: Vegetarian loaf

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Lori T. January 1, 2019
It looks like a standard size glass baking loaf pan, which are generally 9x5 or so. Since the recipe relies on eggs as a binder, I imagine it would be best baked in a glass pan. That way you can more easily monitor the browning on the sides and bottom. It would also be easier to turn out when done. If you had to do it in a metal pan, it would probably bake slightly faster but you could easily overbake because you can't see the browning on the sides/bottom. I personally prefer baking in glass dishes for things like casseroles, pies, bread puddings and such- for just that reason. Both glass and metal have their advantages and disadvantages, but you can bake with either if needed. Sometimes you need to lower the temperature for glass baking dishes, and things in metal pans tend to bake a bit faster because it conducts heat easier. But glass will keep things warm longer, which is nice for a lasagna or other types of casseroles. I've not made this particular recipe, but I have made others similar and I would recommend using glass if you can. If you do have to use a metal pan, you might consider lining the bottom with parchment to make sure it comes out cleanly.
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