Would Chuck be an appropriate substitute in this recipe? Input needed...

Making this recipe tomorrow:
Would a cubed chuck roast be a good sub for the short ribs, prepared the same way?

Jennifer W


Alan M. January 4, 2019
BTW, I wouldn't use cubed chuck roast, that's better cooked like a country fried steak. If your braise a cubed chuck roast it could fall apart into rich and flavorful ground beef.
Alan M. January 4, 2019
Beef chuck (not my friend Chuck, who would object to being braised) should work well. I'd break it up by muscle segments and slice them into about 2 inch strips, just the same size as short ribs. I would also brown them a bit before the braise for color and flavor.
Happygoin January 4, 2019
I don’t know why it wouldn’t work. I think that if I were going to do it though, I’d cut the chuck roast into large chunks.
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