Recipe says "8 tablespoons butter (225 grams), but 8 tablespoons is only 113 grams



Alice M. January 30, 2019
My bad! 8 tablespoons 113 grams is indeed correct. Thanks for pointing this out, I've made the correction.
Jen C. January 30, 2019
I went ahead and made it with 225 g of butter. It was delicious and moist. Although most things are more delicious when you add an extra stick of butter. :-)
BakerBren January 29, 2019
Great idea, Nancy... I just checked Alice Medrich's recipe for this on page 178 in her cookbook "Flavor Flours." It is indeed supposed to be 8Tbs/115g not 225g.
Nancy January 29, 2019
Could be a mistake...either 8 oz or 8 tbsp.
Best cross-check is to search web for a similar recipe and compare the amount of butter in 2 or 3 recipes for same bread.
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