Contest question: non-shelf-stable ingredients

Hi--forgive my ignorance, but do ingredients such as miso paste or mayonnaise count as shelf-stable or not? Or things that can be kept in the refrigerator in perpetuity, such as pickled pepperoncini, or that are the product of (ongoing) fermentation, like kimchi? Thanks for clarifying.

Chris Hagan


Ella Q. January 29, 2019
Hi Chris, Thanks so much for your question. We just posted an update to the rules here, which we hope will help clarify what we consider perishable—notably, we've removed the formal limit on perishable ingredients and have asked that entrants keep the spirit of the contest in mind. Happy pasta twirling!
Exbruxelles January 29, 2019
Shelf-stable generally means products that can be kept at room temperature indefinitely, i.e.: dried pasta, not those that require refrigeration.
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