What is a good recipe for mayo in a whisking jar? I'về recently gotten the Happy Tappi whisking jar set, and I've never made homemade mayonnaise b...

...efore. Would the basic recipes I see one the site work? The video from the company seems to show only egg yolks, not a whole egg. Any hints or tips appreciated.

Mary Ellen Ramsden
Homemade Mayonnaise
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Mary E. January 30, 2019
By the way, here's a link to the whisking jar set that I'm referring to. I bought it on this website. It's not available anymore, but it may come back. It's a mayo jar and a whipped cream jar. https://milled.com/food52/this-whisking-jar-whips-cream-mayo-and-more-in-a-flash-vp8PbWoZturBL0s3
Nancy January 30, 2019
Don't know your tool, but there are many reliable mayo recipes that use only a yolk.
One recommended by Michael Ruhlman (chef-author) in his 2009 book RATIO works like a dream.
It's from chef Bob del Gross, uses yolk of 1 large (2 oz) egg and half cup olive oil.
Good luck!
Mary E. January 30, 2019
Thank you! I'm a big Michael Ruhlman fan. I think I have Ratio on my Kindle, I'll take a look.
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