Would like to enter the Pantry Pasta Contest

I have not been able to submit a recipe to the site. I clicked on "submit a recipe" on the contest page and that didn't work. I hovered over the recipes heading at the top of the page and that did not give me an option to submit a recipe. Please let me know what I'm doing wrong. Thanks!

Realish Food


Joanna S. February 7, 2019
Hi Realish Food,

We're currently undergoing unscheduled maintenance of our recipe submission tool, and will have the function back up and running ASAP. Thanks for your patience in the mean time!

Realish F. February 6, 2019
Thank you BB! I appreciate your help. Unfortunately I don't have any recipes entered. I just joined tonight and I haven't been able to enter a recipe.
BerryBaby February 6, 2019
I'll attempt to guide you...bear with me!
~Log in
~Click on the icon upper right hand corner furthest to the right
~Then click on Favorites & Collections
~In the grey bar area click on Collections
~Click on Recipes and all of the recipes you have entered will pop up.
~Click on the one you want to enter.
~click on Edit and page down to the bottom and it will give you the option to enter the contest
~Click on the appropriate contest and that's it. Good luck!
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