Question about Heaveny apple cake by Veronica, re: remaining Calvados.

I am soaking 3/4 cup chopped dates with 3/4 cup Calvados. two hrs. About 1/3 is not absorbed, do I use all this liquid into the recipe or only what has soaked into the dates?

  • Posted by: mbobden
  • February 16, 2019


Miss_Karen February 17, 2019
Use it as a braising liquid for chicken. Add some onions & small potatoes & just call it dinner.
Nancy February 17, 2019
Recipe seems to expect the dried fruit will absorb (all) the Calvados.
If there's any left over, I suspect it will be small amount. It could:
EITHER be added to the batter (gives more flavor and won't negatively affect the texture)
OR reserved for a fruit salad or your next hot drink (coffee, chocolate, tea, cider).
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