Is foil cupcake liner color toxic?

I baked these very buttery cakes in copper colored foil cupcake liners and when I pulled them out, there was a pool of copper colored butter in the bottom of each pan indentation. I thought it was just bitter that had seeped through (dark pan) until I realized the bottom half of reach liner had lost its color. I had already stacked a few up, forgetting to wipe the bottoms, and a bit of the dye/butter mixture may have seeped into a few of the cakes. Are these safe to eat?

Lawrence Rush
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1 Comment

BerryBaby February 19, 2019
Do you have the wrapper/container cupcake holders with the manufacturers name? I'd look them up online and see if there is any information or a contact number.
I've used various liners and no two are alike.
Good luck!
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