Sticky bun topping for banana bread

How can I get a sticky bun like topping on a banana bread?

  • Posted by: Briana
  • February 27, 2019


Ttrockwood February 28, 2019
I think youybest off trying with muffins first, so like stucky buns make the sugar/butter and nuts mix and put in the bottom of the muffin tin with batter on top. Flip onto plate when warm to serve

I think as a loaf it will be a problem to cook through since the batter is heavy and dense, on the bottom of the pan i think the sugar would burn before the bread is done and ontop it would likely prevent bread from rising
Nancy February 27, 2019
Is your question which recipe to use (for the topping)?
Or how to get it to adhere to the banana bread?
Briana February 28, 2019
I suppose I'm in search for a recipe, or how to even go about it. Maybe something I could just put on top afterwards that would thicken once it's cool?
Nancy February 28, 2019
Brina - some suggestions.
Like ttrockwood, I think the banana bread wouldn't cook through or the icing might burn if you tried to make at same time.
Instead, use a glaze-type frosting in the middle of a baked, split banana bread.
Or bake as muffins, cut a cone from the top of each, use pastry tip and inject some glaze into hollowed out muffin, return little cone of baked muffin as a cap.
Nancy February 28, 2019
Should read: Briana
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