Question about the word short, in foods (there is a point to this, I promise).

A friend wants to throw a party for the Shorty Awards ( and I was thinking the food theme could be foods containing the word "short," like short ribs and shortcake. Can you think of any others? Short-order food? Thanks, in advance!

Amanda Hesser


Anitalectric March 22, 2011
In Pennsylvania we have a humble little 6" sandwich called at "Shorti."
usuba D. March 20, 2011
A short ingredient list . . sometimes less is more!
Sam1148 March 20, 2011
Danny Devito has his own brand of limoncello.
Sam1148 March 20, 2011
How about Lobster Randy Newburg (Newman)
Eydie D. March 20, 2011
How about "short order cook" dishes
pauljoseph March 20, 2011
Spiced Short Rib
betteirene March 20, 2011
Shrimp! TiggyBee, that's so funny! I was going to suggest the comparatively unfunny petits fours.

One of my daughters-in-law claims to be 5"2" but no one believes her. She was eating something I made, and a son (not her husband) suddenly yelled, "Trina! Don't eat that!" so she dropped it like it was poison or something, and Andy said, "Mom put Crisco in it. It's shortening."
vvvanessa March 20, 2011
short stack (as in pancakes or crêpes).
AntoniaJames March 20, 2011
Oops, didn't read the question all the way through. Sorry about that first suggestion. ;o)
Sam1148 March 20, 2011
Spotted Dick?

/I'm, sorry.
TiggyBee March 20, 2011
I almost forgot about shrimp, they're short!!
AntoniaJames March 20, 2011
And short grain rice would qualify too, wouldn't it?
AntoniaJames March 20, 2011
Let's not forget strawberry (or any other berry) shortcake. (That would be in the category of "short" pastries, meaning a lot of fat.) ;o)
TiggyBee March 19, 2011
hey, I'm all for anything that improves my short term memory!!! culottes? I may dig them out. *smiles*
Amanda H. March 19, 2011
Too funny, pierino -- thanks. And thanks everyone for the terrific ideas. Going to be a fun party!
pierino March 19, 2011
Well, I just submitted a recipe for culottes on fire, and culottes of course are short pants...
ellenl March 19, 2011
Is there a drink that's short something?
mrslarkin March 19, 2011
short pasta shapes
amysarah March 19, 2011
Apparently, Shorty Tang aka 'The Sesame Noodle King' of Chinatown, was believed to have come up with the iconic New York version of that, Shorty Tang's Sesame Noodles?

iuzzini March 19, 2011
breve beverages? breve accompany your short doughs?
mrslarkin March 19, 2011
Short grain rice
mrslarkin March 19, 2011
Shortcrust dough
MaryMaryCulinary March 19, 2011
shortnin' bread?
littleknitter March 19, 2011
Foods that have a "short" texture (using the archaic form of the word meaning crumbly), so any kind of shortbread, or pastry with shortening.
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