Freezing my short ribs - how,to

I couldn’t find a recipe so I want to freeze them. Beginner question can I freeze them like this? Of should I wrap each one separately (There are 4). And since this was like $48 I don’t want to mess it up. Thnks

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aargersi May 30, 2022
I never thought to salt then freeze, great idea! We vacuum seal everything too, since we’re in the country and the grocery store isn’t just a quick pop-out. That sealer is a vital tool in our kitchen.
If you don’t have one, you’ll want to wrap the ribs very tightly in plastic wrap, then foil, LABEL THEM, then freeze.
Then buy a sealer.
geminicookie May 30, 2022
Thank you very much I wasn’t aware of using foil in the process only plastic wrap so that’s good to know. And yes def will look into vacuum seal.
702551 May 29, 2022
Yes, it'll work fine.

I have a vacuum sealer for such projects to minimize freezer burn, especially for expensive ingredients like meat, poultry, fish, seafood, chocolate, etc.

Personally I would salt them before freezing, from 0.5% to 0.7% kosher salt by weight. Using a vacuum sealer I would just shove them all into one bag rather than wrap them individual. Short ribs call for low and slow cooking so there's no chance I would just cook one piece. I'd cook the entire amount at the same time.

This package appears to be 1466 g (3.23 lb) x 0.005 = 7.3 grams of salt. I would round up to 8 grams of kosher and mark "0.5% kosher" on the vacuum bag (to remind me that it has been salted). When defrosted later, the salt will have fully penetrated the meat. I do this with center cut pork loin roasts.
geminicookie May 30, 2022
Thank you for the info, especiallly the salting and vacuum seal.
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