Is something missing from the Pesto?

I want to try this recipe, but it seems incomplete. Shouldn't there be olive oil in the pesto? Or should I add some of the pasta water to it to loosen it up? I would think that using only herbs, nuts and garlic would leave you with a very dense paste that would not mix easily with the delicate gnocchi - please advise.

Catherine Kunz
Gnocchi With Pistachio Pesto
Recipe question for: Gnocchi With Pistachio Pesto


Ttrockwood March 27, 2019
That’s just going to make a weird nut butter the way the recipe is written.
First i would not use that much raw garlic- it’s going to overpower everything. I would start with one clove. And yes you absolutely need some olive oil to make it come together, start with 1/4 c or so and see how thick you want it to be. A pinch of salt in there is a good idea. It will likely be more than needed for the gnocchi, you can freeze extras in an ice cube tray or flat in a plastic bag and then break off a chunk when needed
Happygoin March 27, 2019
You might ask in the review/comment section underneath the recipe. The author will see it and likely help out with some clarification.

If not, I’d say to make it per the recipe, then see if it’s too dry. If it is, you could add some olive oil a teeny hit at a time, until it’s the consistency you want.
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