Stinging Nettles

I’m trying to find fresh “stinging” nettles for a spring risotto. Any ideas where to procure?



dinner A. April 3, 2019
Depending where you are, it may be too early for them and I don't think they get shipped around much. It's still pretty brown in the northeast...
hunter D. April 3, 2019
so ive found them in more of wet areas of the woods around ferns and other brush type plants hope this helps
Smaug April 3, 2019
They do seem to like it damp-I've hit into them on a golf course, at the edge of some trees where they got fairway water, and at a bird sanctuary on a marsh (where my sister in law decided to see if they had a scent- bad idea). They should be out in force by now on the west coast.
Smaug April 2, 2019
Leading the way in the search for discomfort foods...
creamtea April 5, 2019
hardlikearmour April 1, 2019
Other than in the wild, I've only seen them in specialty markets or farmers markets.
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