I’m making French macarons and the recipe says to ground a sift almonds. Can I use almond flour and do I still need to ground and sift it?

The almond flour won’t sift as is

  • Posted by: Margs
  • August 29, 2018


Stephanie B. August 29, 2018
You can totally use almond flour - I have never ground my own almonds and made plenty of well-footed macarons. I would sift the almond flour though. The recipe I use calls for sifting the almond flour with sugar, and I think that helps make a smooth cookie. I would be careful food processing your almond flour, you don't want to make almond butter by mistake.

What kind of almond flour and/or sifter do you have? Your grocery store variety of almond flour should sift fine through a regular baking sifter.
Mei C. August 29, 2018
No, you do not need to grind almond flour. The sifting is to get rid of clumps; I would take it for a spin in a food processor to get rid of them.
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