Mailing a Jar of Buttercream Frosting

I’m mailing a gift that contains frosted cookies. I figure instead of frosting the cookies, I’d send them plain as well as a jar of the buttercream frosting. Will the frosting keep for a few days while it’s in transit?

  • Posted by: maxie
  • April 9, 2019


BerryBaby April 10, 2019
No...suggest sending a tube or tub of store bought frosting and a bottle of sprinkles.
HalfPint April 10, 2019
Agree with Ttrockwood, not advisable. You might be able to freeze it and overnight for next day delivery. If the buttercream is stable enough to handle the freeze/thaw process, which Italian meringue buttercream can. Not sure about the other types of buttercream. But I wouldn't even attempt this during the summer.
Ttrockwood April 10, 2019
No, you can’t send buttercream frosting. It will certainly be a fragrant icky thing that will be unpleasant to receive
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