looking for a recipe for Easter Pie

  • Posted by: SAM
  • April 12, 2019


Lori T. April 12, 2019
What you are looking for is a recipe for what is called either pizza gain, pizzagaina, rustic pizza, or pizza chiena. Some folks do also call it pizza pasqualina, or Easter Pie. If you check out the King Arthur site, they have a pretty good one to start with. But if you use any of the terms I listed, the internet will spill out an impressive list of recipes as well.
Nancy April 12, 2019
Is this what you mean (4 preserved meats, 4 or 5 cheeses)?
SAM April 12, 2019
Smaug April 12, 2019
...and instead you get questions- are you thinking of a specific dish, or just a pie that would be good for Easter? A Google search gives the usual plethora of recipes (including "28 Best Easter Pie Recipes" from countryliving.com), but not sure if that's what you're looking for. A F52 search fives a chard and ricotta pie called "torta pasqualina"- Italian for Easter Pie.
Smaug April 12, 2019
…"gives a chard..."
SAM April 12, 2019
what i was described is a pie/quiche filled with bits of italian cold cuts and many different cheeses.
Smaug April 12, 2019
OK, I'll have to put my chocolate egg pie aside for another year. Google will give you some recipes, but you'd have to wade through them.
SAM April 12, 2019
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